Why do you need us

Grow personally and professionally

Reason one

You will learn to internalize that high-end performance is an internal job (and not detemined by external circumstances).

Reason two

You will learn to develop mental, physiological, and emotional strength so that you can continue performing during times of adversity.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

You will learn to connect with you so that you can rely on your true strenght. That will enable you to thrive and continue achieving.

Our Mission

To help you develop mental strength and resilience in order to deal with daily challenges and issues more effectively, so that you can lead a successful and meaningful life with vitality and fulfillment.

If you like what we do and want to know more

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.


We provide personal development coaching and training through workshops and boot camps, focusing on increasing mental strength and resilience. We will be able to deal with daily challenges and problems more effectively. To be able to lead a successful and meaningful life with more vitality and fulfillment.

We often choose to be influenced by external circumstances. Challenging circumstances befall us all. However, it’s about how we react to those circumstances and what we do about them. We believe that mental strength and resilience are essential for personal effectiveness and a better quality of life.

As far as we are concerned many of us tend to look for the cause in the outside world. Namely the cause for failure for an education, not succeeding to maintain a relationship, not being able to find the motivation for finding another job.

There are always plenty of excuses. We believe that “we ourselves are our biggest stumbling block”, and not the outside world.

If we are willing to transform ourselves by working hard on our mental strength and resilience, we can turn our “stumbling block” into “the road” to our personal happiness, joy, success, and fullfilment.



– Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

What our customers say

Our customers recommend us

“Provocative, informative, in-depth, intensive and out of the box. These are the words which stand up in me as I look back at my coaching sessions and experiences with Dave. For me Dave is the first coach who involves the essential physical part in the coaching process by working out physically in nature (the forest). By connecting body and mind I experienced a new dimension on the mental, emotional, and physical plane. Thank you for your commitment, empathy and wisdom, Dave. I look back on an inspiring time.”

Olivier van de Made

Owner, Het Leidend Motief

“With his coaching sessions Dave Blondeel Timmerman made me see the other side of life. Those matters that first seemed complex were suddenly simple. The sessions were truly inspiring and enlightening as they gave me the strength to believe that I am the only one of control in my life. The idea of having everything in my own hands is the power that has been brought to me by Dave. I am now making the decision to be happy in life, because I can. The sessions served as a compass during my journey towards finding inner peace.”

Seyma Döner

Student International Business and Management Studies, HAN University


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